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Adršpach-Teplice rocks

To be in Zdoňov and not visit a rock city which is couple kilometers away would be enormous sin! If you have not seen the Lovers, the Mayor and his wife, Sugar Loaf and the Giant’s Armchair you know what you need to do! Some places are only accessible by ladders (such as highly placed rock pond). Wheelchairs, mothers with strollers and less adventurous travelers can relax by the azure lake at the entrance to the site. The main entrance to Adršpach rock city is located around 4 kilometers away from the Forge. Length of the sightseeing tour is about 3,5 kilometers. In the middle of the trip you can take a detour to Wolf ravine, which connects Adršpach rock town with Teplice rock town. Route through Teplice rock town is about 6 kilometers long and runs along the education path. Besides Wolf ravine you can go back to Adršpach by a bike path which goes around the perimeter of rock formations or take one stop by the train. The stop is walking distance from the entrance to the rock city. We highly recommend you pay rock city a visit!




Cross hill

From our pension, you can take a pleasant stroll to a nearby rock formation with magnificent view of the rock city Adršpach, Krakonoše and Javoří mountains. At the top, where a restored crusade walk leads, is an iron cross dated to 1857 and located on a sandstone pedestal with statues of St. Anne, Joseph and Jan Nepomucký. On the surrounding pasture, you can see our cows and you may also want to visit a chapel of the Virgin Mary.

Broumlov walls

Another extensive sandstone area is Broumov walls between Police nad Metují and Broumov basin. Do not miss the main ascent through Blacksmith’s gorge to Dientzenhofer’s chapel called Star and unique rock mushrooms on Slavné. On the ridge of the Broumov walls, near the chapel, you can visit the Hunting Lodge with a restaurant.

Jiráskovy rocks and Bischofstein

Bischofstein mansion and surrounding Jiráskovy rocks are a pleasant place with a short walk around the Černého lake and on the ruins of the rock castle or on the watchtower Čáp, which is located on the highest peak of the whole rock town. From there you can also go on a 12-kilometer-long city tour through rock city, Kraví mountain and Lokomotiva. Bischofstein is ideals vacation spot for families with children.


Mountain Ostaš near Police nad Metují is another very interesting place worth visiting. The loop is about 4 kilometers long and passes through a rocky labyrinth. You might want to go see Kočíčí rock around Grotto of Českých bratří. Local playground will delight your children and you can spend a time in restaurant close to the parking lot.